Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stoops to Nuts Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from "Stoops to Nuts." I'm thankful for this past year. It's a short ride I do my best to acknowledge the brevity and embrace whatever time I'm given.

Thank you to all my neighborhood buddies who snagged a copy of my memoir, "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood." I hope my stories cheer you.

After you finish the book could you please give me a few honest words about the book on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble.
(You do not need to buy anything or give credit information to leave a remark.)

Your critique helps me and your comments encourage others to check it out. Please give it a shout.

Thank you, to the 44 readers who have given the book 44 five star ratings on Amazon, and the 19 readers who gave it 19 five star ratings on Barnes and Noble.

The book is available locally at Logos Book Store at 1575 York Avenue; and sold online at Amazon, B&N and other booksellers.

"I Hate the Dallas Cowboys"

Pat & Bob @ 12.31.67
John & Tommy 12.31.93
My New Year's toast goes out to Mom and Dad seen here on New Year's Eve 1967 dancing the night away (not really). And the toast continues with a pix from a great Maplewood New Year with the Harveys' many years ago that included a slew of balloons with paper fortunes in them that we busted at midnight, one fortune example:
In the near future you will make many new friends. Unfortunately, this will occur in prison.

Whiny TMR postcard
Here are two postcards I wrote to my parents during my two visits to Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp in Narrowsburg, New York in 1967 and 1968 ~ as you can read, by the second year at TMR I got the hang of it ~ Our Troop 654 out of St. Stephen's of Hungary on East 82nd Street was led by Al and Bobby Hauser.  We had a ball and those Boy Scout stories are on my stove. They include Sammy the Catfish, too many C batteries, too few Lps and one Panasonic portable record player, the Muck track, why Menesick and I out canoeing decided to ram and flip a war canoe in the middle of the lake filled with ten Brooklyn scouts singing "Kumbaya", one girl named Helen who lived on the other side of the lake, learning a large raccoon gets first dibs on my *Nanny Cuckoo's Bundt cake that came by mail, and cans of tuna sent by *Nanny Dutchie without mayo or a can opener.

*Nanny Cuckoo ~ had a German cuckoo clock and Mom loved calling her mother-in-law, Nanny Cuckoo, and telling Rory & I to do same.

*Nanny Dutchie ~ in the backyard of 1616 York Avenue the next door neighbor had a beautiful German Shepherd named, "Dutchess." Nanny Dutchie did not mind her nickname, unlike Nanny Cuckoo.

Getting the hang of it TMR postcard

Spooky Sleigh Ride @ Central Park

Toulouse, France @ 12.31.07

30 Rock Straight Up

Tommy & Rory, 1962, Bethesda Fountain

Casey & Tommy
Casey & Tommy

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