Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime ~ NYC

It's summer in the city. The last two weeks I've snapped a 1000 pictures without breaking a sweat.  Rockaway Beach, Gramercy Park, West Village, East Village, Central Park, Carl Schurz Park. To name a few neighborhoods.  I'll put up some photos here and lead you to more at a public photo page at Facebook that you can view with or without you having a Facebook account.

Here is the link to more pix.

Hot fun in the summertime in New York City.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Equinox Sunset in Yorkville

Equinox Sunset
Before air-conditioning, I spent entire Yorkville summers with the lights out in our 517 East 83rd Street apartment until it was pitch dark.

Mom could page a calendar in the winter and start sweating when June, July, August flipped by. Dad loved heat. He slept under a pipe in the Navy. Made for nice conversation.

One afternoon, I said "I'm going blind here!" I couldn't read my comic. Mom told me to go to the back window and use the sun light. This was one of my first openings to get her to let me play out on our fourth floor fire escape facing the backyard and 84th Street. I'd bring most of my stuff out there with me to play with. Eventually, Rory got out there to. I was afraid of heights and kept my butt glued to the stairs. Rory was not afraid of heights. He'd torture me by climbing over the fire escape to the outside, hang off putting his body in mid-air 40 feet over the concrete below and then he'd twist the knife, " Hey Tommy, look, I'm gonna fall and Mom is gonna kill you." I was frozen and he was right.

The roof was our oasis from the heat, we had many extension cords and hose extensions to get our stuff from fourth floor to roof, for water (had a baby pool), radio and black & white TV. Dad brought up a standing lamp once so he could see while he sketched at twilight. Mom wanted to kill him. She loved her lamps.

Our next "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts," show is a beaut. Tuesday, July 10th @ 6pm @ Cornelia Street Cafe.

Storytelling by Tricia Alexandro, Julia Greenberg, Jim Hawkins, Lisa Kirchner, Thomas Pryor & Debby Schwartz.

Summer is lit, come down to the telling, $7 gets you in with a free drink, too. A nice wash on a hot night.

Rory reading Bambi on roof

Tommy reading Smith & Street's Annual NFL preview issue.

Rory on roof

View from fire escape of 4R @ 517 E. 83rd St.

517 East 83rd Steet stoop as was in 1957 and still is 2012

Nan Ryan painting 4R in June 1957

Rory & Tommy wrestling in 83rd St apt.

Fire escapes on fire ~ 400 block of E. 83rd Street

Summer Equinox sunset over Central Park

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please Like "My Lady" at Trazzler Link below Today by 3pm

Hi Folks, Contest ends today @ 3pm.

I entered this photograph of the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel in a contest at a site call Trazzler.  If you like the photo could you please vote "like" for it at the link below.

thank you, Tommy

"Crossing Fifth Avenue, I saw the classic statue in the fountain in front of The Plaza Hotel next to Central Park. The air was still wet from the rain that had stopped a moment before. I couldn't get the Moody Blues lyric "giving freely, and completely, to my lady" out of my head as I watched the statue make a soft bow to the old hotel."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yorkville Sunset Near the Equinox

Near sunset last night, I strolled up 79th Street then walked north on Fifth Avenue. The near equinox light was other worldly. I found a puddle in front of the Met Museum doing pointillist tricks with the reflection of the buildings on the east side of the avenue.

The quiet streets had few people and cars.

Yorkville walk time.