Friday, April 27, 2012

A Visit to "The City of Puddles"

Over the past two weeks, the weather in Paris, its suburbs, Brittany and Normandy went like this: rainy, cold and humid, windy, drizzly, a sun tease, rainy again followed by rapidly moving clouds, sky darkened and introduced a downpour, it stopped. Clouds began to move out then a spot sun shower, brief precipitation pause followed by a frigid banshee rain. The “put a bullet in my head” weather did not stop me from exploring wonderful French neighborhoods and stoops in the cities and the countryside. 

The France photos here are themed around rain and puddles. I snuck in a few dry ones. Paris is “The City of Lights.  Spectacularly beautiful at night but it earned a personal moniker “The City of Puddles.”  I went through three umbrellas, but the views I discovered were worth it.  France is a wet gorgeous country with kick ass cereal and fantastic cheese that makes this mouse cry for joy.

Over next few weeks I will put up many France photographs.

The Sun makes brief appearances. 

Eiffel & Moon

Friday, April 20, 2012

NY vs Red Sox at Fenway Park ~ 100 Years Old Today

Today mark's the 100th anniversary of the first Fenway Park game between the New York American League Baseball team, the New York Highlanders, and the Boston Red Sox on April 20, 1912.

The next year the Highlanders changed their name to the Yankees and moved from Hilltop Park in Washington Heights to the Polo Grounds where they became tenants of John McGraw and the New York Giants until 1923 when the first Yankee Stadium was erected.

Baseball team rivalry and ball park history knock me out.

Here are links to my 1961 Yankees Red Sox story and my 1962 Polo Grounds tale.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Don't Think I'm in Yorkville Anymore

First day on safari, searching for pretty places in France. Laying low and grooving over next two weeks. No reports yet, limited access to computer with a French keyboard that is not Pryor typing friendly. Here are pix from yesterday. Off to a few old places today.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

On The Road To Find Out

If the person driving a car I'm in makes a right onto First Avenue off Houston Street and arrives at 86th Street in Yorkville on one light, they're a keeper. If I don't mind getting stuck in traffic with that person, I make them a best friend. But if that same person doesn't like the film, "Harold & Maude," I'm gone.

Tom 1971
Cat Stevens “Harold & Maude” sound track perfectly matched the spirit of this motion picture and my 17 year old soul in 1971. At once, I fell in love with Ruth Gordon, Cat Stevens and further fell for films that turned everything inside out. As a boy, I ate up movies like the original Lady Killers, Paths of Glory, The Producers, His Gal Friday, Cool Hand Luke, The Bicycle Thief, Harvey, Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Arsenic and Old Lace, What’s Up Tiger Lily?, etc. Harold & Maude left me slap happy for a week or longer. After I saw it in the East Village, I walked around the neighborhood looking at older people with new eyes; wondering who had the same passion and love for life as Ruth Gordon’s character. It was the first time I gave critical thought to the child inside my parents and grandparents ready to break out at first crack of light. Sadly, I also understood most adults forget or blocked the child’s route out. I promised myself I’d never forget the path. I’m still on it.

St. Mark's Theatre on 2nd Avenue

Houston St 2012

Houston St 2012

Nan & Thomas E. Pryor Jr. PS 96 & 158 ~ Autograph books 1921 & 1938

Helen & Patricia Ryan on 86th Street in 1949

82nd crossing First Ave. ~ John Rode in Flag Dedication Parade ~ Aug 1942

70th St & First Ave 1935

1577 First Avenue 1940

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Storytelling at Cornelia Street Cafe

Sherryl's Sneakers
Storytelling lit up Cornelia Street Cafe last night. "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" tellers and musicians brought their best game downstairs.

A packed audience cheered on April's artists: Barbara AliprantisSlash Coleman, Kurt Gertsmann, Dave Lester, Sherryl Marshall, Susan Neuffer, Elise Morris, Tricia Scotti & Leslie Wagner. 

Thank you all for being part of the show and letting me watch your talented performances. Thank you, to a terrific crowd for your attentive support. Thank you, Steve Northeast and Annie May Cron for keeping the customers satisfied and making us feel at home.
Dave Lester

Our next "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" show is Tuesday, May 8th @ 6pm @ Cornelia Street Cafe.

Cafe's April Program

Sherryl, Elise, Tricia & Leslie

Sherryl Marshall

Elise Morris & Susan Neuffer

Crowd watching Slash Coleman

Slash Coleman
Cafe Mike

Barbara Aliprantis

Kurt Gertsmann
Crowd coming in