Saturday, November 4, 2017

Yorkville Is His Home

My Dad's best friend, Walter, 93 years old with severe memory loss, moved two weeks ago from his 1942 railroad apartment (yep, linoleum as old as Methuselah) to a beautiful one bedroom in Yorkville. Walter, 93 years in the neighborhood. St. Joseph's, Commerce High School, NYU, Navy,  48 years with Pan Am Airlines ending with a long ride as the Director of World Wide Maintenance. He's travelled to 35 countries with photos to prove it.

After losing most of his memoryWalter hoarded. His clean organized new space is unusual to him but he's getting use to it. The guy loves our neighborhood. 93 years in Yorkville. More to come. 
Walt with chums on roof of St. Joe's @ 1936

east river

517 E. 83rd where I grew up

Here are photos of Walt at St. Joe's in the 1930s, Carl Schurz, his favorite park and 83rd Street where I grew up.
Walter had a Sister Beatrice. No kidding.