Friday, December 5, 2014

Stoops to Nuts Sweeps Ryan's Daughter Off Her Feet

Colin Dempsey
Thank you, Michele Carlo, Abbi Crutchfield, Lincoln C. Chinnery, Walter Michael DeForest, Colin Dempsey, Eric Vetter, Jordan Okrend, Alex De Suze, Jessi Allen, James Redding, Fernando Morales González and Kenny Cooper for rocking the socks off a strong Yorkville crowd at Ryan's Daughter with story, comedy and song. Thank you, everyone who came out to root us on. My mother was Ryan's daughter before she got shanghied by the Pryors. It's a pleasure to come home to my Ryan family along with my charming talented friends. Next time, I won't forget to bring Glaser's Bake Shop's Sunday cake.
Walter DeForest
Lincoln Chinnery

Michele Carlo & Abbi Crutchfield

Eric Vetter & Alex DeSuze
The Summer Replacements

"Stoops to Nuts" will visit Ryan's four times a year starting next spring. A Yorkville neighborhood show right on time, right at home.

Here is a link to a larger group of photos on Facebook from last night's show.

My four Ryan girls gave five stars to  "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys- tales of a scrappy New York boyhood."  

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