Sunday, July 24, 2016

Uncle Mommy's In The Dark & Logos Bookstore Lease Renewal Celebration

My memoir covers my first eighteen years growing up in Yorkville. Eighteen years ago today, Mom died. "Why do you call me Uncle Mommy?" she asked. "Because you're the best uncle I ever had."

Early on, her favorite indoor summer activity was turning off all the lights to keep it cool. Day or night, we walked around our little square apartment in shadows or in the dark. Our mere light coming through our backyard windows,  that was, unless "Thomas Edison" ~ Dad ~ was home. He loved turning everything on at once. But Mom persevered. Following him and immediately snapping the lights and all else off if she wanted quiet, "Quiet helps you stay cool," she told me in my ear as Dad made a spoiled milk face.

Our favorite outdoor thing in summer was Carl Schurz Park's baby pool. And if it was too hot, Mom came in with me. Nice, after eighteen long years, I see her face and hear her voice every day.

Here is a public link to photos from the pool last year.

A message from Harris Healy

Logos Bookstore is celebrating our 40th year in business and the 20th anniversary of our York Avenue location.

We'd like to welcome the Upper East Side community as well as all New Yorkers to join us on Tuesday July 26th at 6:30 PM for free refreshments, a 20% off discount on all items in the store (excepting original artwork and already discounted sale books.

Yorkville native, Thomas Pryor, author of the memoir "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys: Tales of a Scrappy New York Boyhood" will be here to talk about what existed at 1575 York Avenue before Logos Bookstore as well as share other stories of the neighborhood. He will begin around 7:15 PM.

If you like my work check out my memoir, "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood." Available at Logos Book Store.

The book has 120 Amazon five star reviews out of 120 total reviews posted. We're pitching a perfect game. My old world echoes TV's "The Wonder Years" ~ just add taverns, subways and Checker cabs.

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