Monday, October 26, 2015

Dallas, Go Home!

Thank you, Beasley for closing the Cowboys coffin.

Every time the Giants beat Dallas gives me a double shot of Christmas Eve memories from long ago.

This Wednesday night, Oct 28th  I'm telling a winner, read on:

Did Frank Sinatra entice you to join the Capital Record Club when you were 12 claiming you were 18? It happened to me. After I received my first delivery box for 97 cents, four Beatle albums ~ delighted, I forgot about the membership. 4 weeks later, Capital sent me Buck Owens' "Roll Out The Carpet," Lp and a bill for $3.42. Unacceptable. I began my short career as a forger. This story includes Huskie dungarees, Cool Whip, (not in that order), a Mickey Mantle forger, The Boy Scout Manual's section on "Stalking," and The Thurman Munson/Pepsi Cola Fan Club.

Wed, Oct 28th @ 6pm atBig Words, Etc: Faking It,  I'm spilling the beans, and it's a doozy. 

Come on down!

Big Words, Etc: Faking It
Wed, Oct 28th @ 6-8pm
Local 61
61 Bergen St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

This month's theme is Faking It with: Athena Pappas, Gabe Smoller, Thomas Pryor & Cooper Wilhelm

Do you like old New York City photos and street life stories? Then check out my 1960s memoir,"I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood."Available at Logos Book Store and online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The book has 112 Amazon five star reviews out of 112 total reviews posted. We're pitching a perfect game. My old world echoes TV's "The Wonder Years" ~ just add taverns, subways and Checker cabs.

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