Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Parents' Opera Premiered September 27, 1952

Dad Mom at Lake 1951
63 years ago today, Father Edward O'Halloran married my parents in St. Stephen of Hungary on a warm Saturday afternoon. Mom from the St. Joseph's parish loved St. Stephen's church, Dad was indifferent. It was a dry wedding. That was smart. The fireworks would have started an hour into it. The Pryors and Ryans could hear someone giving them the finger through a brick wall. Best they could, Mom and Dad loved each other deeply with a lot of stuff blocking the effort. I love them, I miss them. During a Giant football game, I have a strong urge to call my father after a good play. Whenever I'm down, I want a hug from Mom.

Their humor, intelligence and love runs through me. Rory and I are lucky guys, Dad was an artist, charming and sarcastic. He fed our creativity and curiosity. My mother was hilarious, loving, and out of her mind. I'm talking cuckoo crazy nuts. You did not want to cross her. But Rory and I? She loved us like a train. We owned her heart and we knew it. Our job? Make Mom laugh. Make Mom proud. I'm still employed.

1616 York Avenue Sept 1952

Dad's note to Mom when he was at sea @1951

Joan Dad Patty Tom ~ St. Stephen's @9.27.52

wedding reception

Rory's here! @1956
Dad & Rory @1958
The Pryors' on 83rd Street @1958

Elmhurst on 12.31.67
Mom by Dad ~ charcoal drawing @1960

subway El platform to Freedomland or bust @1962

LaSalle graduation ~ 6.12.72

Patchogue ~ summer of 1962
Rode's 1582 York Avenue @1974

Mom kidding with Dad @ 9.13.80

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