Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Sidewalks of New York

As a kid, I craved owning one item my grandmother kept in a beer glass inside her China closet. An Al Smith for President 1928 pencil with Governor Al's head on top. I liked Al, he was an altar boy at St. James Church on Madison and James Street.

Nan had coins, campaign buttons, lots of stuff, but I loved that pencil best.

My grandmother an Italian American Catholic born Anna Cuccia at 1403 Avenue A in 1906, assimilated swiftly into the Irish controlled Manhattan Democratic party. She worked hard for the ticket, her word was gold and 1928 was the first time she campaigned for a presidential candidate. She later served as Yorkville's District Leader out of the Cherokee Club a double-wide three story brownstone at 334 East 79th Street. 

One of Nan's favorite tunes was Al Smith's campaign song, "The Sidewalks of New York."

I keep the pencil safe and sound in Nan's China closet. Happy Fourth of July.

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Cherokee Club 334 E. 79 St. @ 1962

Ann Pryor speaking at 511 East 84 St. @ 1942

Flag Dedication Ceremony August 1942 on the 500 block of East 84 St
Cuccia family on s/w corner of Ave. A & 75 St. @ June 1906

Flag Dedication Ceremony August 1942 on the 500 block of East 84 St

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