Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yorkville Scavenger Hunt & Stoops to Nuts Show ~ This Saturday May 9th

This Saturday, May 9 @ 1pm, I'm joining The Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts for a Yorkville Scavenger Hunt & Walking Tour.
1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.–Prizes and Celebratory Reception at a Secret Final Location
Starting Line: southwest corner of East 91st Street and 2nd Avenue.
Ruppert Brewery, 1968
Please register in advance. This will be a blast, and you'll hear historic facts about your neighborhood you probably didn't know.

After the tour, take a breather, then join us @Ryan's Daughter at 7pm for a salute to you know who, "I'll always love my momma, she's my favorite girl, you only get one, you only get one..." The Intruders

"Thomas Pryor's Stoops to Nuts I'll Always Love My Momma show,"
Saturday, May 9th @ 7pm to 10pm
Abbi Crutchfield at Stoops to Nuts
Stoops to Nuts at Ryan's Daughter
@ Ryans Daughter, 350 East 85th Street:
FREE show, music, comedy, beer special & PRIZES. I'm giving away 25 classic Lps. And selling copies of my two books: "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood," and "River to River: New York Scenes From A Bicycle."

Our Mother's Day Eve artists: Abbi Crutchfield, Walter Michael DeForest,  Joe Dettmore,  Apryl Miller, Liz Phillips, Luke Thayer and Eric Vetter and musical guests, Jordan Okrend & Miles Alexander Blue Spruce. I'll host and tell a good one.

My nickname for my mother was "Uncle Mommy" because I told her she was the best uncle I ever had. Come out and celebrate your Momma. If you are a Momma we'll celebrate you!

Thomas Pryor's Stoops to Nuts
“I'll Always Love My Momma Show”
Saturday, May 9th, 7-10pm, Ryan’s Daughter, 350 E. 85 St.

Storytelling, Music, Comedy & Beer Special ~ all FREE.
Prizes, too. I’m giving good stuff away like classic Lps.
Our Stoops to Nuts artists:
Abbi Crutchfield – Co-host on PEOPLE Now, The Living Room
Walter Michael DeForest – SNL, The Moth
Joe Dettmore - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Show
Apryl Miller - Time Out Magazine
Liz Phillips - The Barrow Group, The Upright Citizen’s Brigade
Luke Thayer - MTV, The Living Room
Eric Vetter with Jordan Okrend & Miles Alexander
Blue Spruce - No Name Comedy Variety Show
Thank you, Gordon Balkcom for your promotional support

Thank you, Ryan’s Daughter & Mick Mellamphy
Thank you, to our sponsor, Oak Beverages & Maria Furcal

art by Joe Dettmore

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