Saturday, February 22, 2014

Storytelling Show at Magnet Theatre Tomorrow ~ Luke Kicking Ass in Brooklyn

Did I ever tell you the story involving 2 Air Canada stewardesses, 4 bras, Reggie Fleming & the 1960s Rock & Roll show Hullabaloo? I was 11, Steve was 12, it was Feb 1966 when all these things delightfully converged... Believe It or Not! 

I'm telling the whole story, tomorrow, Sunday, February 23rd at a FREE show concluding Adam Wade's Level 2 Storytelling class. That's 3:30pm, Sunday, Feb 23rd at Magnet Theater's TRAINING CENTER - 259 W. 30th Street in the Playtex Chapel on the 2nd floor.

Last night, I attended Luke Thayer's sold out late show at the Postmark Cafe in Park Slope. Luke was terrific, Abbi Crutchfield's opening set the table perfectly.

Everything works better with a solid partner in crime, Great show,Luke, super duper MC-ing, Abbi. Your crowd loved you.

Postmark Cafe, Brooklyn

Luke Thayer

Abbi Crutchfield

a happy customer

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