Saturday, December 14, 2013

Losers Lounge Harry Nilsson Tribute

Debby Schwartz
It's always a crap shoot, where I sit, how the lighting is for each artist, sometimes I get a couple of good ones, sometimes I don't. Regardless, my Losers Lounge seat always pleases my ears and fills up my heart. Last night'sTribute to Harry Nilsson (Friday) show @ Joe's Pub was terrific. Even better than the Nilsson show at West Beth five hundred years ago. Someday, Wilder Selzer will have a still moment and hopefully me and my camera will catch it.

Here's a link to more photos.

Peter Salett

Richard Barone

Tricia Scotti

Joe McGinty

Joe Hurley

Wilder Selzer's brother in Paris

David Terhune

Andrea Diaz

Ed Rogers

Wilder Selzer

David Driver

Connie Petruk

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