Saturday, July 13, 2013

My First Coffin ~ New Galleries at Thomas R. Pryor Photography

83rd Stickball 1964
In Yorkville, mid summer 1964, a guarantee way to get your candy store blackballed was not keep your sodas cold. After a good sweat from a long game on a hot day nothing was more disappointing than the first slug of a luke warm Mission Cream bottle. In "My First Coffin," I cover the ins and outs of candy store protocol in 1964 NYC. Published in A Prairie Home Companion,  read the opener below...

My first coffin was metal. It measured six feet long, three feet wide, and three feet deep. It rested on a wood base that lifted its height up by one foot. It sat in near darkness at the rear of the parlor. Everyone paid their respects. Upon close examination, you saw it bled sweat and you heard it release a soft steady communal hum. It held something we cherished and missed all the time. It chilled soda bottles in Joe's candy store. The cooler was battered and colored red, with a raised Coca-Cola bottle cap appearing on all four sides. A similar model followed Ike across Europe throughout World War II. I loved the coffin. I kissed it when no one was looking.

This coming week, Thomas R. Pryor Photography introduces these new galleries dedicated to loved NYC locations: Yorkville, Carl Schurz Park, Central Park, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, Eastside of Manhattan (neighborhoods and East River), Westside of Manhattan (neighborhoods and Hudson River) and NYC General Locations. Please visit the site and view photos - on sale at affordable prices.

Rory Pryor @ lake @ 1962

Roosevelt Island lighthouse from Carl Schurz Park 2012

Tommy Pryor at Hockey Field @ Carl Schurz Park @ 1964

83rd Street Summer 2013

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