Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love Plus One ~ Washington Square Pool Party

Visited my Aunt Barbie Pins in Elmhurst yesterday. Mom's youngest sister, Barbara Ryan, used to use me for boy bait when I was a toddler. She was 17 and offered more than necessary to walk me around Yorkville in the stroller. Mom loved the break. Barbara wheeled me directly over to Kronk's Soda Fountain on York Avenue & 87th St. where all the boy herds grazed inside and outside the center of the local teenage universe. I received many free egg creams and two cent pretzels. Pissed Mom off when I wouldn't eat dinner.

Came back into the city for Slashtipher Coleman book launch, a wonderful time for a great guy and huge talent (sorry for not saying goodbye, Slash, I needed to leave at 8). Before hand, I ran into Sharain. She was carrying a big S down 6th Avenue heading to Slash Coleman "The Bohemian Love Diaries" Book Launch @ The Gallery at LPR

I stopped at Washington Square Park after exiting the R subway. It was 95 Degrees @ 5pm. There was a Village pool party. I took photos. The steady sweat running from my head to my feet, well worth it.  Love Plus One played in my ear. I love summer, I love water.
Rory and I swimming in Bethesda Fountain like we owned it.(August 1961)

See New York Times' story here.

Here is a link to other photos of yesterday's Village pool party.

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