Sunday, November 25, 2012

Conjuring Uncle Mommy, Time for a Headlock, Go Giants!

Giants playing the Packers tonight?  I'm ready, been ready for 50 years.

Doesn't always work out for the Jints and me, but for good luck I have Uncle Mommy, Teddy, and my #16 OLGC Rams blue jersey circa 1969. For double good luck I have the enormous mittens Nan knitted, and Hector the Duck who has survived three neck surgeries.

Know for sure, when the game's on the line someone's going into a headlock.

Read The New York Times story, "The Headlock That Won for the Giants" here.

Tommy & Uncle Mommy 1963
1969 OLGC jersey, Nan's knitted gloves, Hector, seat from Super Bowl XXI

Uncle Mommy charcoal by Dad and stuff

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