Thursday, April 12, 2012

On The Road To Find Out

If the person driving a car I'm in makes a right onto First Avenue off Houston Street and arrives at 86th Street in Yorkville on one light, they're a keeper. If I don't mind getting stuck in traffic with that person, I make them a best friend. But if that same person doesn't like the film, "Harold & Maude," I'm gone.

Tom 1971
Cat Stevens “Harold & Maude” sound track perfectly matched the spirit of this motion picture and my 17 year old soul in 1971. At once, I fell in love with Ruth Gordon, Cat Stevens and further fell for films that turned everything inside out. As a boy, I ate up movies like the original Lady Killers, Paths of Glory, The Producers, His Gal Friday, Cool Hand Luke, The Bicycle Thief, Harvey, Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Arsenic and Old Lace, What’s Up Tiger Lily?, etc. Harold & Maude left me slap happy for a week or longer. After I saw it in the East Village, I walked around the neighborhood looking at older people with new eyes; wondering who had the same passion and love for life as Ruth Gordon’s character. It was the first time I gave critical thought to the child inside my parents and grandparents ready to break out at first crack of light. Sadly, I also understood most adults forget or blocked the child’s route out. I promised myself I’d never forget the path. I’m still on it.

St. Mark's Theatre on 2nd Avenue

Houston St 2012

Houston St 2012

Nan & Thomas E. Pryor Jr. PS 96 & 158 ~ Autograph books 1921 & 1938

Helen & Patricia Ryan on 86th Street in 1949

82nd crossing First Ave. ~ John Rode in Flag Dedication Parade ~ Aug 1942

70th St & First Ave 1935

1577 First Avenue 1940


Phil said...

I love the "The Four Seasons" marquee. One of my favorite movies. Nice post.

Thomas Pryor said...

thank you, Phil. The theatre was amazing in early 70s, three movies for $2. I can't tell you how many perfectly beautiful days I spent inside that movie house.