Monday, April 25, 2011

P.S. 77 Mothers' Club Supports Nerds

From the group that put an 18 inch ruler on every P.S. 77 desk comes a new cause, Melodious Mothers support Adam Wade's "Whatever Happened to the Nerds?"

Ten women, three tons of song directed at a public clamoring for a good story. The P.S. 77 Mother's Club has long stood behind worthy causes: leaner cold cuts, more crumbs on Glaser's Sunday cake, and clean bathrooms in Carl Schurz Park.

I spoke with Adam Wade by phone,"I can't say enough how great it feels to have the Mother's Club behind me. They throw amazing parties with terrific food, and always close the show with "Fine & Dandy," one of my favorite George Carlin bits."

Less you be in trouble with the girls:

Tonight, drop by "Whatever Happened to the Nerds?" with a great storytelling lineup:

Peter Aguero, Maya Genis, Jake Goldman, Thomas Pryor, Andy Ross and your host, Adam Wade.

@ 8:30pm @ Magnet Theater @ 254 West 29th Street. (bet. 7th & 8th Ave)

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