Sunday, January 2, 2011

Carl Schurz in Snow ~ Last Radio Show

On the day before the last day of the year, I mushed Carl Schurz Park and caught it sleeping under snow.

This coming Tues @ Jan 4th @ 9pm is my last "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts," radio show.

My guests are: John Lewis, author of a terrific new book "Radio Master ~ the Life and Times of Sports Broadcasting Great Ted Husing," and Mary Crowley & Matt Knapp, wonderful songwriters and musicians. Come down to the show at Giovanna's @ 1567 Lexington Avenue for an old fashion house party. Take the #6 train to 96th street or 103rd Street stop and walk to the restaurant located between 100nd & 100st Street.

Christmas break 1967, after a snowfall similar to this one, I was sledding on Cherry Hill at 79th Street. Soaked, frozen and tired I headed home to 83rd Street and York. Moaning along, I turned back at Madison Avenue and saw a crosstown bus burst out of the park's transverse. I stood waiting my turn to get on and the bus driver stuck his head around a big lady's butt and said, "No sleds!" I gave him the finger and jumped off the bus.

At that point, I realized I had a pee. Bad. I ran home, straight down 79th Street, made a left on York, a right on 83rd, all the way down my block into my vestibule. Like a madman I rang the bell silly while circling the tight area. No answer. I kept trying. No answer. I looked down and saw my dungarees were mostly wet anyway and I let 'er go. I leaned against the mailboxes, it felt so good. While my eyes were closed, Mrs. Pucher walked into the hallway with packages and her 12 year old daughter, Lorraine, who was one year behind me in St. Stephen's. Mrs. Pucher and Lorraine definitely caught a look at the stream meandering down my leg, then both of them looked up at the ceiling while the mom fumbled for her house keys. I completely blocked out anything that happened next.

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