Monday, January 3, 2011

Carl Schurz in Black & White

Carl Schurz Park in black & white ~ first two, Rory in 1961; next two, me outside park on East End Ave & in the baby pool in 1956. Pete Salerno and my dad, Bob Pryor, at 86th Street entrance in front of Henderson Place. Me talking to the pigeons 1956. Communion picture 1962. Three football pictures on lawn south of Gracie Mansion. Park in 1900. Park looking towards Gracie Square in 1945. My aunt, Barbie Pins on lawn near 86th Street winding stairs, 8th grade graduation from St. Joseph's in 1951 (with my other aunt, Joannie Baloney).

Black is Black by Los Bravos ~ 1966

Tomorrow night, Tues @ Jan 4th @ 9pm is my last "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts," radio show.

My guests are: John Lewis, author of a terrific new book "Radio Master ~ the Life and Times of Sports Broadcasting Great Ted Husing,"
and Mary Crowley & Matt Knapp, wonderful songwriters and musicians. Come down to the show at Giovanna's @ 1567 Lexington Avenue for an old fashion house party. Take the #6 train to 96th street or 103rd Street stop and walk to the restaurant located between 100nd & 100st Street.

Stop by, have a pop, Peter Wolf approves. Lights Out!

Dancing in the dark, to the radio of love

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