Monday, December 20, 2010

Taking My Medicine

I remember how good I felt when they were up 31-10 with eight minutes to go, then Manningham fumbled on the sideline and the pile-up began. I'm lying, if I say I'm not in pain today. It feels horrible. This team who doesn't know I'm alive, I give them unyielding support, suspend my disbelief for no other professional sports team, imagine they care that I care, vicariously enjoy them, letting my world go up and down with theirs.

As a boy, three teams ruled my universe: New York Giants, New York Yankees and the New York Rangers. Steinbrenner took the joy out of the Yankees, and the Rangers lost my respect when they traded Jean Ratelle for Phil "Let's Stand in Front of the Net" Espositio.

After Sparky Lyle departed the Yankees, my heart only belonged to the low flying Giants. I'm a life long parishioner in the Church of Mara. Today, the chapel is dark.


Heard sad news this afternoon, Clay Cole died. His Saturday night rock and rock show on Channel 11 was the TV highlight of the week in the 1960s. Clay was a sweet generous talented man and hopefully he will enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the near future.

I wrote about Clay last year on the blog, I will miss him:

JUNE 8, 2009

The Clay Cole Show

Mom's got that crazy hair dryer going that comes out of a little hard plastic suitcase. It's larger than a portable typewriter, but smaller than a day tripper. Regardless, it looks like a heart lung machine to me.

Dad's loiters with a scotch as Mom gets ready.

I want them gone. Cindy, my babysitter, is the prettiest girl in St. Stephen's eighth grade and for a whole night she's mine and Rory's.

As Mom & Dad walk out the door the Clay Cole Show comes on Channel 11. He's cool, he's handsome as James Bond, and everybody in music comes and sings on his show. I'm 8 yrs old. All those girl groups!

I want him,
I need him.
And someday, someway...whoooa...I'll meet him.
He'll be kind of shy.
And real good looking too.
And I'll be certain, he's my guy,
By the things he'll like to do.
Like walking in the rain,
And wishing on the stars up above,
And being so in love.

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