Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ain't Nothing But A House Party

This Tuesday @ 9pm @ Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts radio show, my special guest, Adam Wade & I explore the complex, and not so complex, Boston ~ New York Sport Rivalries, Our Best and Worst Moments in Sports, as fans and participants, with Dad & without, and the steady Boston ~ New York unifier: The J Geils Band.

Adam Wade, record 16 time winner of the Moth Story SLAM is taking the position J Geils can bring the bacon home and settle this battle, temporarily. We're doing the Detroit Demolition & the Philly Freeze!
We’re talking our greatest moments in sports, as fans and as players, and we’re talking our lousiest moments in sports, as players and fans. The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s are breaking bread to try and find out how this whole Boston ~ New York thing started in four sports and counting.

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New Trick! If you are a Hellman's Blue Ribbon addict, and approach your Mayo jar with a ladle, try pouring Bread & Butter Pickle Juice on the bread. I ate a bologna sandwich with no Hellman's on it and it was yummy. Just juice, I ran out of Pickles. A sandwich without Mayo is normally a dull experience. I blame my craving dependence on Mom. She taught me how to make an Irish sandwich: Wonder Bread, Iceberg Lettuce & lots of Hellman's, both sides of the bread.

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