Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Storytelling Shows Tonight & Tomorrow

Free Storytelling shows tonight, Friday & tomorrow, Saturday ~

Professor Adam Wade proudly presents storytelling excellence at Magnet Studio Theater @ 259 West 30th Street, @ 2nd Fl.

Eleven graduating students tell eight minute stories.

Tonight, Friday, August 20
th @ 8:30pm ~ six stories

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 21st @ 8pm ~ five stories

Adam's hosting both ***Free shows*** Here's what you'll hear.

Kidnapping parents sabotage show. Blair Witch goes to Jesus Camp. But I don’t want to date her, do I have to? Prodigy’s fibs sail over the backboard. Body parts stuck together for the main feature, Jackie Brown. Band uniforms disappear, someone’s gonna pay. Blanche
Dubois’s windpipe problem. Private school teachers in trouble ~ film at eleven. Got the number, lost the girl. Why it’s a good idea to keep your iPod library to yourself. It’s your apartment, over her dead body.

Come to both shows, throw fruit if we stink!

Show 1 - Friday @ August 20
th @ 8:30pm

Celeste Arias, Chrissy Brown, Dan
Diggles, Megan Gray, Erin Kilkenny, Miguel de Leon

Show 2 - Saturday @ August 21st @ 8pm

Kelly Wallace-
Barnhill, Lindsay Gentile, Henry Johnson, Rachel Pertile, Tommy Pryor

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