Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Does It Take?

My favorite spot in Central Park twenty years ago. I ran obsessively for sanity in 1990. The park was the doctor's office. After a long run on the bridal path circling the Reservoir, I'd take my endorphins over to the chin bar, stretch, and do arm & chest exercises a 35 year old body craves and is happy to do.

Inside the nook of a tree's root I saw a lake for very little people.

In 1990, "What Does It Take, To Win Your Love?" was on many running cassette tapes. Garland Jeffreys nails this song.

Just north of this spot is the Central Park Police Precinct. Directly in front of the precinct is a perfect tackle football field for 15 year olds. On the next radio show, I'll tell the story "28-28." Sometimes a tie's a win. For Steve Murphy & me, that day in 1969, it was.

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