Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Yeah

Listening to Roxy Music this morning over coffee, reminded me of Roxy's 1983 concert at Radio City Music Hall and the song, Mother of Pearl, that reminded me of Joe McGinty closing the Losers Lounge tribute to Roxy with the same song, and that led me to play one of my favorites, Oh, Yeah.

Radio City Music Hall was a haven for New York teen couples up through the mid 1970s ~ a first run movie and the Rockettes. My girlfriend and I ran straight off the crosstown bus into the Blimpie's on 50th Street and Broadway. We bought two giant heroes and quart sodas and snuck the stuff into the theatre in our school bags. My mother wanted to know why I always smelled like a sandwich.

During the week, after school, the place was empty. We sat in the first row of the mezzanine in plush red velvet seats and enjoyed our feast with our shoes and socks off and a yard of carpeted space in front of our seats with a clear view of the biggest movie screen in the world.

Today, I'm part of a group doing a lower Manhattan tour for out of town friends. Among other places, I'm taking them to the spot where Franz Liebkind's house stood on Jane Street when visited by Mr. Bialystock & Mr. Bloom, passing the location of the "Trial of the Century,"showing them where My Sister Eileen lived, and peeking at the house on St. Luke's Place where Audrey Hepburn waited until dark for Alan Arkin.
Roxy made me think of Paris so here are a few more pictures.

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