Friday, February 20, 2009

Tommy's Reading, Wed, Mar 18th @6pm @ Cornelia Street Cafe

Murt from Loftus Tavern

Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts
Tommy Pryor

Susan Lewis

Wednesday, March 18th @ 6pm
@ Cornelia Street Cafe
(between West 4th Street & Bleecker Street, just west of Ave of the Americas)

Hello Everyone,

I’m Murt, the old barkeep from Loftus Tavern on York Avenue. If I didn’t throw you out of the place, I certainly hurled your father or mother. My lumbago’s acting up & my doctor said, "Murt, move it.”

Tommy Pryor’s performing at Cornelia Street CafĂ© along with Susan Lewis, a fine poet and fiction writer. Tommy and Susan will beguile you with timeworn tales and poems. Stop your gallivanting and roll your carcasses down there for a fine affair. I’ll be sitting in the back booth nursing my whiskey. Stop by, say hi, then pick your window and I’ll knock you through it.

It’s Tommy’s birthday, I’ll have my Irish up.

Lend an ear, have a pop, your mother approves. Get home safe, Murt

They'll be free beer and wine, for as long as Tommy's money last. He wants to thank his friends for reading his stuff and sticking with him.

Cornelia Street is right around the corner from the West 4th Street subway station off most Westside lines.
click on the link below for performance and other Cafe information:


Abbi Crutchfield said...

"pick your window, and I'll knock you through it." LOL

Ouch, all I asked was if the peanuts are free, Murt!

Tommy Pryor said...

Young lady, I'll have none of your shenanigins. If you be keeping it up, the ol' shillelagh be making an appearance and the divy will be divey, now straighten up and drink right, Murt