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"City Stories: Stoops to Nuts" 

December 9, 2014

@ Cornelia Street Café @ 6pm

“The Best of New York: Storytelling at The Cornelia Street Café…”  

The New York Daily News

Muneesh Jain is a baseball fan from Kalamazoo, Mi.  His sports journalism career began in Washington, DC working as a production lead for ESPN.  He left the network to start a sports magazine in Detroit called Motor City Sports Magazine.  For nearly four years, MCS reached an audience of over 40,000 sports fans within the state of Michigan.  Needing a change of scenery, he moved to New York in 2007 and fell in love with the city.  In 2013, Muneesh set out on an epic odyssey to visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums in one season.  The 17,000 mile, 95 day journey is the focus of Muneesh’s upcoming book Rounding Third.  You can read more about his tour and browse through pictures of his travels at  Baseball saved his life. His story will tell you how.   

One moment Margarita Pracatan was working at Saks Fifth Avenue. The next she was famous! The story of her quick rise from New York department store salesperson to U.K. celebrity and cult figure is an inspiring tale that became the subject of a BBC-produced documentary but it is best experienced live. Margarita shares the details of her musical Cinderella story through comedy and music that will leave you laughing and almost believing that your own overnight success is just around the corner. How did Margarita’s brash humor, rolling accent and renditions of pop anthems played on an uncooperative Yamaha keyboard result in fame, fun and almost fortune? Producers of Britain's "The Clive James Show" discovered her self-produced Manhattan cable television show while channel surfing during a visit to New York. The rest is her-story.

“Each time Elizabeth Rowe ( steps center stage, she demonstrates how a master storyteller helps people grow whole as human beings. Whether sharing a traditional folk/fairy tale or a personal story.  Audiences fall under her spell as they respond to her warmth and empathy for the human condition.”  Artistic Director, N.Y. Story Exchange.

Thomas Pryor's work is found in The New York Times, A Prairie Home Companion, and other periodicals. Pryor’s memoir, “I Hate the Dallas Cowboys – tales of a scrappy New York boyhood,” was published Oct 2014 (YBK). It is available at Amazon and other online booksellers. His blog: "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts," was chosen by The New York Times for their Blog Roll. His newspaper column ran in Our Town and The West Side Spirit. Thomas appeared on PBS's TV series: "Baseball: A New York Love Story," NBC’s “New York Nonstop,” television show and radio’s “This American Life.” His photography portfolio, "River to River ~ New York Scenes From a Bicycle" was released in 2012 (YBK). You can view and purchase his New York City prints online at Thomas R. Pryor Photography.

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