Monday, April 3, 2017

Stoops to Nuts April Fools Return to Ryan's Daughter

Milo Noven
Thank you, Walter, Jim, Mick, and everybody else at Ryans Daughter for letting us go crazy cuckoo nuts Saturday night at Thomas Pryor's April Fools Stoops to Nuts Soiree.

Thank you, to my fine storytelling friends, Tricia Alexandro,  Joe Dettmore & JP Connolly, for coming on board the nut train.

My heart and gratitude are yours for bringing your best. Thank you, to our Stoops to Nuts audience. We work hard for you. You deserve it.

Here are more photographs from our show Saturday night at Ryan's Daughter.

JP Connolly

Joe Dettmore

Tricia Alexandro

Our Town Photo Contest Winner ~ 3.31.17

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