Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thinking About An Old School Chum

In the La Salle Academy 1972 yearbook, John Egan, a serious and thoughtful friend, (John was part of the relay team that set the national high school record for the 440 in 1971 at Franklin Field) wrote the note below:

Well, Teddy, I hope I meet you in 94, in case I don't I'll meet you in 95. Seriously, I hope that you'll harness your comic self and always make others happy, while still staying yourself and use your creative writing."
John ~ 1972

It took me 31 years to harness my creative part and write my first story at 49. Your words of inspiration never left my head. They hid under a cloud of doubt and self-imposed responsibilities. Today, I take the yearbook out now and then and when I read your note I hear one word, "faith," Thank you, John.
Tom ~ 2017

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