Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pop's Perp Walk

Easter 1955, after visiting the Ryan grandparents at 1616 York Ave, Mom and I picked up my father in Loftus Tavern and walked two blocks to my Rode grandparents at 1582 York in their railroad apt, 2S, over Parker's Grocery.

Naturally, Dad had his camera with the 1000 watt flash bulb that every kid had to touch once after the burst. If you touched a used hot bulb twice, your Yorkville life expectancy shrunk by half.
Dad readied us by counting to one. 

Somehow, Mom smiles pretty.
I cry and plead with Italian hand signals, "Why Dad? Why?"
Pop Rode begins his perp walk in the background. Worried that Weegee is there with his camera. Pop should be in the other photo with the mobsters.

On the kitchen table are three 1955 Yorkville essentials, a can of Rheingold, an ashtray for everybody's butts and a milk bottle cooling in a styrofoam cup of water.

Mark your calendar! June 17!

"Stoops to Nuts Pre-Father's Day Show"
@Ryans Daughter, 350 E. 85 St.
@Friday, June 17th @ 7pm-11pm
special guests: Colin Dempsey, Joe Dettmore, Nicole Ferraro, Andy McGillicuddy; Tim McGillicuddy and Una McGillicuddy and mucho more.

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