Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gifts Dad Gave Me

Dad in Central Park shot by me 
Today would be my Dad's 87th birthday. The biggest pain in the ass in the world taught me to see the city by bicycle and to always carry a camera on my trips. On rare occasions, instead of early morning rides, Dad and I rode our bikes around Central Park near twilight and caught the sunset colors over the reservoir. Dad said patience on a shot was key, waiting for the moment, as was looking for the possibility of a unique angle on a shot. I had forgotten the pleasure of those early 1960s trips with my father until I started writing full time in 2010 and had more time to cycle and explore the city.  I bought an inexpensive Sony Cybershot, put it in my pocket and took off.

It blissed me out to do these two things together. Two years into it, I was approached by a publisher, YBK, who released my photography portfolio, "River to River ~ New York Scenes From a Bicycle" in 2012. The next year, Cornelia Street Cafe hosted a two month show of my photography that NBC TV, New York One, CBS News and the New York Post praised and recommended.

Now is the best time in my life, thanks to the gifts my father gave me as a young boy. So happy birthday, Mister Robert A. Pryor, major pain in the ass, I miss your talent, knowledge and unconditional love.

Here are extra photos of places that bring it all back.

Xmas 1960

Mark your calendar! June 17!

"Stoops to Nuts Pre-Father's Day Show"
@Ryans Daughter, 350 E. 85 St.
@Friday, June 17th @ 7pm-11pm
special guests: Colin DempseyJoe DettmoreNicole Ferraro, Andy McGillicuddy; Tim McGillicuddy and Una McGillicuddy and mucho more.

If you enjoy my work, check out my memoir, "I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood." It's available at Logos Bookstore, 1575 York Avenue, or buy it online at AmazonBarnes and Noble or other booksellers. The book has 117 five star reviews out of 117 total reviews on Amazon. If you do read it, please leave a few honest words about the book on Amazon and B&N. Thank you!

Rory eating sandwich, me cleaning Dad's bike

Carl Schurz Park at 86 St entrace

Cloud splits the sun

my first ride

nice zipper, good sammy

Cornelia Street Cafe Photography show Feb/March 2013


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