Monday, March 21, 2016

Uncle Mommy & Aunt Joannie Baloney ~ The March Girls

Thinking of my Uncle Mommy today, and her sister, my godmother, Joannie Baloney Ryan Heuer. March, lots of family birthdays (something to do with lovey-dovey June nights, cold beer & pizza).

The third week of March was another Christmas eve for me. First my day on the 20th, then Mom on the 24th, and Aunt Baloney on the 27th. Every year, we had a birthday party for the three of us at my house, 517 East 83rd Street, with the extended family. Days later, we did it again at 321 East 85th Street, Aunt Baloney's house. Sometime in between we had smaller parties at Nanny Cuckoo's & Nanny Dutchie's at 1582 & 1616 York Ave. All within three blocks and one avenue. It was a "Monsoon Wedding." Seven days of going cuckoo crazy nuts with my certifiably insane loving family. My thoughts today are on Uncle Mommy & Aunt Joannie Baloney. We all were blessed to have each other.

Here are photos of the March Girls and other characters from my Yorkville life. 

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Starting March 30th, I'm working with the New York Public Library's Neighborhood Oral History Project, "Upper East Side Story." If you lived on the East Side between 59th St. & 96th St. for 25 or more years (the longer the better) and you would like me to interview you about your history in the neighborhood, please email me at I'll email you back a document describing the project. It will be an easy conversation where I listen to you talk about where you came from. Your recollections will become part of the permanent record at NYPL, available for the public to hear.

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