Saturday, February 6, 2016

Street Light Finale

After seeing my favorite sculpture, The Vine, under the sky light in The American Wing, I left the museum and walked east down 86th Street and saw a last pass of afternoon light over the closed Gristedes - part of the footprint for the planned hi-rise that will take up that large space on the block and four or five tenements on First Avenue directly across from Tri-Faith. Goodbye street light along this frontage in the mornings and afternoons.

Next Sunday, Feb 14 @3-6pm I have a free show at Ryans Daughter , 350 E. 85th St. I'll perform sections from my upcoming play, "City Boy." The play is a love letter to street life, street light and our Upper Eastside neighborhood. My guests Nina & Son (David Terhune & Nina Terhune) and Eric Vetter & his musical guests.

The show's tied to the opening of the Second Avenue Subway, an event that's triggered a surge of tenement demolition and new hi-rise construction on the Upper Eastside not seen since the Third Avenue El came down in 1955. The area's character is slipping away (so is our street light) - collecting our memories for posterity in voice and on paper reinforces our sense that this is still our community.

Thomas Pryor presents: "My Aim Is True" ~ Stoops to Nuts Valentine Show @Ryan's Daughter
Ryans Daughter
350 E 85 St.
Sunday, Feb 14 @ 3-6pm

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