Monday, February 15, 2016

Stoops to Nuts Valentine Show @ Ryan's Daughter

Thomas Pryor presents: "My Aim Is True" ~ Stoops to Nuts Valentine Show @Ryan's Daughter was a blast. On the coldest New York City Valentine's Day in one hundred years, 85th Street rocked, folked & R&Bed out with Nina & Son ( Nina Terhune​, David Terhune) and Eric Vetter & The Summer Replacements (last night's formation: Alex De Suze​, Jordan Okrend​, Fernando Morales Gonzales & Richard Binder). Thank you to both bands, the audience ate you up. Nicole Ferraro​, star of FRIGID New York presents: "Why So Much Shame?" - a solo show by Nicole Ferraro​, told a crushing tale of loss and pain from her brilliant work that opens this Wednesday in the first of five performances.

Here is a link to more photos from "My Aim Is True."

Thank you, to Karen & Lars for keeping the customers satisfied and your professional sound & lights. Thank you to Jim, Mick & Walter​ and the entire Ryans Daughter​ gang for treating me and my guests like we are family. Thank you, Joe Dettmore​ for creating the "City Boy" film clip (link here), everyone loved it.

Thank you, to a brave audience whose radiant love kept us all warm. hugs to all, Tommy.
ps so David Terhune​ comes up to me right before his set and asked me to take a few pictures of him & Nina with his camera, I say sure. Then it hits me, I'm doing too much at once and I've forgotten to take photos of Eric​ & The Summer Replacements​.

Then I notice the kid below making faces at me, mouthing but not speaking the word, "asshole." He's a big Summer Replacements fan, and told me I didn't have my head on straight and to make up for it by finding some good shots of the gang from previous Stoops to Nuts appearances at Ryans Daughter​. Nicole's shots were mostly yucky, my camera is on the fritz, so I added some of her prep shots at Ryan's from last time we were there.

The Yorkville ghosts came in from the cold and swirled around the room and through the artists and audience for four hours. It was a sweet comforting wind.

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