Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's Show Time ! ~ Stoops to Nuts, Today, 3-6pm @ Ryan's Daughter


"Hi, Carmine the Bulldog here. I own this park, I just let you borrow it. I'm a guy so popular they named a street after me ~ so I'm delivering the straight dope.

Before your big date today, Sunday, Feb 14th, come to Ryans Daughter at 3pm and you can sink back into the warm haven of a lost world ~ NYC street life in the 1960s; with music by (Nina & Son) Nina Terhune & David Terhune and Eric Vetter & The Summer Replacements featuring: Alex De Suze, Fernando Morales Gonzales, Jordan Okrend & Richard Binder.

Thomas Pryor will share sections of his upcoming play, "City Boy." Show ends at 6pm (we will go later if people wish to stick around for more stories & music), you'll have plenty of time to make your dinner reservation with your honey. 

Thomas Pryor presents: "My Aim Is True" ~ Stoops to Nuts Valentine Show @Ryan's Daughter.

It's Valentine Day, but the show ends at 6. Afterwards, take your squeeze to dinner ~ or order in during the show. Ryan's has menus for local restaurants and fast food. No problem. Or make a reservation. Below are fine restaurants within blocks of Ryan's."

Arturo's, 1617 York Ave, corner of 85 St & York Ave

Wa Jeal Sichuan Chili House , 1588 2nd Ave, (212) 396-3339,

Cavatappo Grill, 1712 1st Ave, b/t 88th St & 89th St, (929) 529-7018

Uva, 1486 2nd Ave, # (212) 472-4552, website

if you're broke or ordering in: good burger: Mansion Diner, corner of 86 St & York Ave.

Our show upstairs is a tie in with Ryan's Daughter's "Blind Date Billiards Championship" on the first floor, today, Sunday, 3-7pm. Gentleman Walter Michael DeForest is your host. You're in good hands at Ryan's Daughter.

If you can't get there by 3pm feel free to come later, we may be there as late as 730-8pm

Walter and Tommy @Ryan's Daughter @ 2015

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