Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Day, Yorkville, 1960

dig my new polo
On Christmas Day in 1960 Yorkville, it was considered good luck to wear all new clothing over your pajamas, usually gifts from one out of touch no nonsense grandmother who forgot or didn't care kids only wanted toys. Here you see my new boring polo shirt. I later added two crappy sweaters and one pair of ill fitting dungarees to my outfit.

But that year was the best gift day of my life, my first two wheeler and a full football uniform with a football that could have doubled as a weapon for James Bond if he threw it at your chest when you weren't looking. The ball was a composite of rock, plastic and steel fibers (I assumed).
Dad's a little shaky, so am I
If you want know more about Christmas day 1960 in Yorkville read my memoir. If you like Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story," you'll love my book, promise.

My first ride
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Bob, Tommy, Rory Pryor in front of The Old Timers Tavern on York Avenue

Killer Football

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