Thursday, October 1, 2015

Squints & Adam Wade Make Me Laugh

Squints losing it over Wendy
My favorite kid character in a film is "Squints" in "The Sandlot." Dana Taddeo wrote about the movie in this article, I paraphrase Dana's description of two scenes:

Michael "Squints" Palledorous. No other team member's imagination ran wilder than Squints's. He famously told the story of "mean old Mr. Mertle" and his man-eating junkyard dog that was sentenced to be locked up FOREVER. He painted a picture of a colossal animal that ate people, bones and all. The dog was a mush. Wouldn't hurt a fly.
junkyard dog sentenced

The only thing the kids tolerated doing besides playing baseball was swimming at their local pool and checking out the "pool honeys," - they had no shot. That is, until Squints snaps. Watching the ultimate pool honey, lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn, Squints moans, "I come here every summer of my adult life, every summer there she is lotioning and oiling, oiling and lotioning...
Smiling, smiling...  I can't take it no more, MOVE! "
Wendy Peffercorn
Squints, pushes the guys aside, makes his way to the deep end with the guys yelling "Squints you can't swim!" He dives off the board and sinks in the water to get Wendy to administer mouth-to-mouth. After absorbing a few minutes of save your life kisses from Wendy while he lays there like a dead fish, Squints gives his friends a wink and plants a passionate kiss on Wendy's lips. The guys are thrown out of the pool and banned for the rest of the summer. When asked, Squints claims "I planned it years ago."

My favorite storyteller and real character is Adam Wade. He has a new record, "The Human Comedy" - Adam and his quirky situations are funny and bittersweet. I've listened to it several times, laughing my ass off each time. Do yourself a favor, get "The Human Comedy." Adam Wade has the magical ability to cheer you up just by bringing you into his world. You're a pal along for the ride and you see and hear it all.
Adam Wade

my review:

The easiest path to my heart is through my ear. Adam Wade's well told stories are irresistible. "The Human Comedy" is a perfect record. Each tale beautifully crafted to tie you up and enjoy the ride. Wade's alchemy is an easy formula on paper but as hard to do as turning lead into gold. He mixes innocence, passion, the first smack of reality and finally, dogged hope, in his presentation, voice and words. His telling is fearless with no vain inhibition. Authentic, bittersweet, hilarious short films of his life. A good story well told is like a gorgeous face. What are you going to do, tell yourself you don’t like it? Bravo, Adam Wade.

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