Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Old Tunes & Big Words

Cannot express the joy I feel when I listen to my old mixed tapes. They reunite me with old friends and fond memories. The tunes create a desire path that triggers dancing if no one is watching me.

I'm telling a good story tomorrow, Wed, Oct 28th at Big Words, Etc: Faking It. Music plays an intricate role in the action. Please come down to Local 61 if you are in or near Brooklyn.

Wed, Oct 28th @ 6-8pm

61 Bergen St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Our artists: Athena Pappas, Gabe Smoller, Thomas Pryor & Cooper Wilhelm


Do you like old New York City photos and street life stories? Then check out my 1960s memoir,"I Hate the Dallas Cowboys - tales of a scrappy New York boyhood."Available at Logos Book Store and online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The book has 112 Amazon five star reviews out of 112 total reviews posted. We're pitching a perfect game. My old world echoes TV's "The Wonder Years" ~ just add taverns, subways and Checker cabs.

Meeting a pal for lunch at Subway Inn's new location on Second at 60th Street. Former spot of Eduardo's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge in the 1960s. More on the corner's connection to my yesterday tomorrow.

I grew up on 60th between Park and Lex. I grew up eating at Eduardo’s. We ate there at least two times a week. Our waiter’s name was Frank and my Father was close with the owner, John? I remembered as a kid he would come to our table and tell jokes, do magic and have fun with the guests by picking their pockets, bringing me their wallets and having me return them to the guests. The best food ever. Eduardo’s was a treasure.

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