Sunday, September 13, 2015

Old Book, Old Friends

"You're still reading that book?"

Around the time of my hip surgeries, my daughter gave me crap for taking a ton o'time to finish "London" by Edward Rutherfurd. 

Years from now...   I'm in the Led Zep Home for Old Rockers and my precociously verbal granddaughter, Anna Maria Alberghetti Pryor Desjardins comes to see me, spies my title, and says, "Pop, I love that book."

We read it together and savor every page.

Forty years ago, these five guys played rugby together and formed unbreakable friendships. 1-9-0! 
John Harvey, John Hall, Peter Flynn & Jack Hoehlein, thank you for welcoming this city boy to your pitch in Queens when the SJU RFC OLd Boys (NYC) were young squirts. love Tommy

1-9-0 was the jukebox song number for Robert Gordon's cover of "Fire" in The Palm Gardens Tavern in Cortland, N.Y.

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