Thursday, August 27, 2015

The J. Geils Band ~ House Party Forever!

Took a slow walk through Central Park last night headed to see the greatest house party rock & roll band on the planet, The J. Geils Band at The Beacon Theatre.

The boys and girls kicked ass. My first J Geils show was 1973. As they did then, last night, they done me good.

God bless,  Peter Wolf,  Seth Justman,  Danny Klein's Full House and the hard drivin' band for your music and the way it makes us feel.

R&R War Horse, Ian Hunter & the Rants opened the show and they took us all the way to Memphis and back. Ian has not lost a step. He and the band ripped it up.

Best opening act since the Kinks supported Eddie Money in Woolman's Rink at a Dr. Pepper concert in Central Park. I kid you not.

more photos here!

Eileen Hunt O'Sullivan, thank you, for your five star review for my book, "I Hate The Dallas Cowboys ~ tales of a scrappy New York boyhood." Your review is the 110th five star review out of 110 Amazon reviews. Pitching a perfect game here.

By Eileen Hunt O'Sullivan on August 27, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
...and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I love the author's style of writing. His words flow and you don't want to put the book down. I grew up in Yorkville, so it was fun for me to follow Tommy's escapades and view all his treasured photos.

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