Sunday, July 19, 2015

"The City of Puddles"

A few years ago on a trip to France, the weather in Paris, its suburbs, Brittany and Normandy went like this: rainy, cold and humid, windy, drizzly, a sun tease, rainy again followed by rapidly moving clouds, sky darkened and introduced a downpour, it stopped. Clouds began to move out then a spot sun shower, brief precipitation pause followed by a frigid banshee rain. The “put a bullet in my head” weather did not stop me from exploring wonderful French neighborhoods and stoops in the cities and the countryside. 

The France photos here are themed around rain and puddles. I snuck in a few dry ones. Paris is “The City of Lights.  Spectacularly beautiful at night but it earned a personal moniker, “The City of Puddles.”  I went through three umbrellas, but the views I discovered were worth it. France is a wet gorgeous country with kick ass cereal and fantastic cheese that makes this mouse cry for joy.

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