Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rory Is Duckie Doddle

In the early 1960s, for an unbeknownst reason, the Nuns at St. Stephen of Hungary's school and certain mothers were compelled to put on a talent show every year, despite the fact, there was no talent in the student body, that is, if you discounted the Reinwald Brothers' dueling accordions act. Nobody wanted to follow John and Joe. They were good.

In my second grade, Mrs. Ottes, the show's 1962 producer and our nun, Sister Lorraine, took advantage of our recent First Communion by having the boys and girls perform a waltz in our blue suits and white communion dresses. Did you ever see me dance? I begged my parents to stay home. Faked sick that day, triggering a kick in the ass from my mother.

The following year, 1963, Rory's first grade class did something catchy. His teacher, Sister Beatrice, was pretty good with the sewing machine and made six outfits for six kids. They were duckies. The rest of the class stood behind them and sang along to the tune, while Rory and the five others shook their bloomer bottoms with the feather tails at the audience. Rory was a champion ham and stole the show. I never got the silly song out of my head.

Here's a verse from Rory's song "Little Duckie Doddle":

Little Duckie Doddle,
Liked to waddle,
With a Latin Beat.
All the duckies with him,
Got the rhythm,
when he moved his feet.

Today, is Rory's birthday ~ he would have been 59. Happy Birthday, Duckie Doddle!

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Here are a few photos from various St. Stephen talent shows in the 1960s.

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