Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Early Sunday Morning, Bardot in The Park, Sailboat Lake Under Moonlight

Sunday morning, I saw this poster on a bus stop at the corner of 84th Street and York Avenue. The painting on the easel is Edward Hopper's "Early Sunday Morning." The tenement buildings between 83rd and 84th Street to the right of of the bus stop were built in 1910, and except for the third building off 83rd Street all others are unrenovated. The scene is practically unchanged, timeless, like the Hopper painting.

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Last week walking through Central Park at night I saw Bridget Bardot in her breakout film "And God Created Woman," on a screen set up in the middle of what we called Cherry Hill near 79th Street now called Cedar Hill. A large crowd sat on the Fifth Avenue side of the hill. Before reaching there I passed Sailboat Lake under moonlight.

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