Monday, May 11, 2015

Stoops to Nuts Rocks Ryan's Daughter

Stoops to Nuts crowd at Ryan's Daughter
Saturday night at the "Stoops to Nuts I'll Always Love My Momma Show" in the center of Yorkville at Ryan's Daughter we delivered Storytelling, Music, Comedy and a Beer Special all for free. Prizes, too. I gave away 25 classic Lps.

Thank you, to all our Stoops to Nuts artists: Abbi Crutchfield, Walter Michael DeForest,  Joe Dettmore, Apryl Miller, Jordan Okrend, Liz Phillips, Luke Thayer and Eric Vetter. You were terrific, I'm a lucky boy to call each of you, my friend. Doing the show in the neighborhood my family's called home since 1896, perfect. Having a great crowd come down to Ryan's cheer us on, stay with us on our songs, comedy and stories, icing
Apryl Miller
on the cake.

Thank you, to our wonderful audience. Thank you, Ryan’s Daughter and Mick Mellamphy and our sponsor, Oak Beverages and Maria Furcal. Thank you, Gordon Balkcom for your promotional support. Kenny Cooper, you're the best. hugs, teepee

Here is a link to an album with more photos from Saturday night.

Walter Michael DeForest

Luke Thayer

Abbi Crutchfield

Liz Phillips

Jordan Okrend

Eric Vetter
Joe Dettmore

Walter & Tommy


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