Friday, May 15, 2015

Alice Is On Fire

August 1961, Rory is 5, I'm 7 and it's 96 degrees. We have shorts, tee-shirts and sneakers on. Mom couldn't take the heat in our airless apartment and dragged the three of us over to Central Park. We start racing ahead down the path to the Alice in Wonderland statute after my father yells, "Who's King of the Mountain?" In a side glance I catch Mom muttering, "Shit Head," towards Dad.

Rory and I get there at the same time and jump on. To pull ourselves up, I grab the Mad Hatter's Hat and Rory hangs on to the Rabbit's ear. We scream simultaneously, "Ouch!!!!!" Our hands are on fire, our shins are cooking and the only way to get down is to use our hands and knees to shimmy backwards across the scorching toadstools.  I think Rory's hands were beginning to smoke. He's down runs to Mom, she says "Nice job, Bob," to my father, and I run over to Sailboat Lake to put my thumping hands in the water.

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