Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Twilight On the East River

Approaching East End Avenue at twilight on 80th Street, passing the old East End Lanes bowling alley location, then further down the block, the spot where I bought my one and only, live then dead chicken for my grandmother who said "go get me a fresh chicken," but I didn't know the guy would kill my little buddy right in front of me.

After that horror review, I thought about my 1960s evenings on our 83rd Street roof in summer watching the sunset shadows creep across the face of the tall buildings on East End where the rich people lived. Rory, Dad and I viewed sports on our portable b&w TV on a card table with several extension cords via the fire escape from our 4th floor apt. Dad was a master planner. Then a short walk along the Drive after my dream watching the river flow up to 84th Street, followed by a peek at the Hockey Field and a walk out of the park up to York Avenue. I hate moving, but if I was loaded, I'd buy a townhouse on the 500 block of East 84th Street and live there happily the rest of my life.

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Here's a link to more photos from tonight.

East River from 81 St.
East River looking towards Triboro.
East River towards 59th St Bridge from 81 St.
Hockey Field
 lighthouse from 84th St.
84th St

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