Friday, March 6, 2015

Bliss in Central Park

Alone in Central Park yesterday, I walked for hours astonished by the beauty of the snowy landscape. I kept saying to myself, outloud, this is the greatest movie set ever, but it was real.  My hands were frozen from taking off my they were wet anyway gloves to take photographs. My feet were numb. I foolishly wore a pair of twenty-four dollar Modell's not really waterproof boots with a single pair of my daughter's socks.

It didn't matter. I felt bliss.

My five senses were treating the park like the best amusement ride they ever rode. I slipped and fell and tasted the fresh snow stuck to my face and pushed myself up and grabbed what looked like fake landscape. I heard silence on the lake, I saw kids on sleds hooting at each other and squirrels and birds frantically looking for food, I've already told you I talked to myself and two strangers.

Take me anywhere on earth, then ask me where I want to be. I'll say, "Central Park at twilight on March 5, 2015."


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