Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Stoops to Nuts" Presents "Five O'Clock Lightning" Storytelling

So I'm upstate last night walking on a country road and I run into this Nun, two exchange students from Holland, The Scream, Guitar Man Gumby and Bambi.
I say, "What's up?"
Nun says, "I'll tell you what's up. I told these two no necking a hundred times and they're at it again. It drives The Scream crazy; and I had no idea that Gumby could play guitar, and why is Pokey absent and that stupid Disney deer is here."
I had no answer for the Nun, but after a chat I talked them into coming to"Stoops to Nuts ~ Bottom of the 9th on Cornelia Street" this Tuesday at Cornelia Street Cafe. Its our final show and coming to bat, "Five O'Clock Lightning" ~ Barbara Aliprantis, Phillip Giambri, Jim Hawkins, Adam Wade and Sherryl Marshall. $8 and a free drink.

You can also borrow it from the Middle Country Public Library on Long Island.  The Librarian there ordered it last week.

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