Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Casey in Central Park

Thinking about my best pal, Casey, as I walk through snowy Central Park - her favorite place on earth.

Best time: 7am to 9am, weekend mornings, off leash, swimming in Bethesda Fountain, ten months a year.

Here's a photo album of Casey & Central Park.

I'll add more photos tomorrow...


Story behind my Central Park head gear earlier today in the snow.

On December 15, 1968. I, 14, and Tommy McNamara 11 (true story, Maria Gardner) copped two free New York Giants tickets for the last game of year vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Jack Loftus gave us the tickets in his bar because two season ticket guys had hangovers (they called Jack and said give it to a kid) and the Giants as usual were out of playoff contention. Jack kept the set of 5 tickets behind his cash register in Loftus Tavern. We ran up 86th Street to the #4 train. Got there just in time.
1968 nyg hat found on the field of old Yankee Stadium

Long story short... Giants lost 28-10, and the last game of the year tradition at old Yankee Stadium was fans could go on the field after the game. Tommy Mac & I ran out to the 457 sign in left center. I nearly tripped over something and looked down on the grass and found the hat you see on my head here. We rolled it up into a football shape and began throwing short post passes to each other in the right corner of the end zone near the monuments, over and over, it started snowing, as the flakes passed the Stadium lights up over the hanging facade, us on the sacred grass, throwing our fake ball, getting chalk on our sneakers from the lime marked back of the end zone, I could have died right then and there, at 14 years old, a happy man.

ps the hat celebrated its 46th birthday on my head last month.

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