Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ducks, Stoops and Nuts @ Cornelia St Cafe

Yesterday, the weather delivered driving rain and swift winds, but a flock of loyal fans of story and music paddled down to Cornelia Street Cafe to see and hear great performances by these fine artists: Muneesh Jain, Margarita Pracatan, Jeff Rose and Elizabeth Rowe at last night's "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts." Their work knocks me out and they all kicked ass. A welcoming crowd braved the weather to get there and cheer us on (I was the host.) Michael and Josh kept the customers satisfied with warm professional service. The Café opened their home and let us play. The Cornelia Street Café does that for all their guests.
Muneesh Jain

Storytelling at the Café on the second Tuesday of the month is a given. I’ve been the host for the last five years. Our next show is January 13, 2015. My special guest, Professor Robert White from Hunter College - the best teacher on earth. Our show case artist on February 10th is the outstanding singer and songwriter, Sherryl Marshall.
Margarita Pracatan

These are my last two "Stoops to Nuts" shows at Cornelia Street Cafe. After five years I'm onto something new, and will always treasure my time hosting the storytelling series going strong for 18 years. I thank the entire Cornelia Street Cafe staff for treating me like family. I love you all.
Jeff Rose

Barbara Aliprantis, thank you, my dear friend, for telling me I was storyteller when I was clueless, and wrapping your arms around me and pulling me into the series to meet new friends, extraordinary artists. One thousand kisses and hugs. Thank you, Angelo Verga and Robin Hirsch for choosing me to lead this amazing series. I never could have done it without your friendship and steady support. Thank you, Josh Rebell for watching my back and working with me to ensure we got the word out.
Elizabeth Rowe

Please come down to "Stoops to Nuts" in January or February on the second Tuesday of the month to say hello, goodbye. I wanna see you.

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Cornelia's Opening for Tommy's Photography, 2013

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