Sunday, December 14, 2014

Don't Be a Ninny, Be a Loser

The Losers Lounge has inspired my writing since 1999. It took four years to write my first story and then I couldn't stop. Each show rich tales are laid out in song. If you want a creative push see the The Losers Lounge at Joe's Pub. Here is a photo album from Thursday night's Elvis Presley show.

Founded by Joe McGinty and Nick Danger in 1993 at the Pink Pony, the revue grew into a musical force when it merged with the Kustard Kings led by David Terhune (David formed the band in 1992.) Four to five times a year, the Losers pay tribute to a band or songwriter (sometimes two artists in a show down like the next show in February: The Pretenders versus Blondie.) Here's the plan: each night, 20 or more artists spill their guts on one song with the band behind them. Today, The Losers Lounge are brilliantly led by Joe McGinty and David Terhune on lead guitar in the Joe McGinty 7 (Kustard Kings merged into the 7.) The band roster changes a bit but the steadys are: Julian Maile, Jeremy Chatsky, Clem Waldman, Eddie Zweiback, Connie Petruk, Katia Floreska, Tricia Scotti, Claudia Chopek, Garo Yellin, Jeff Hermanson & Eleanor Norton clear your minds of worries with fabulous music at each show. The sensational Nick Danger continues to perform at each show.

My first Losers show at West Beth in 1999 blew me away. I followed the music to Fez under the Time Cafe, and later north across Lafayette Street to Joe’s Pub. Where they go, I go. Don't be a ninny, be a Loser. 

My memoir, “I Hate the Dallas Cowboys – tales of a scrappy New York boyhood,” is a great stocking stuffer.   

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